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Pop Up Stage

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Pop Up Stage

Darren Teh & Mag

AFO Radio’s Pop-Up Stage gives exposure to the pool of talented Malaysian Artistes. It is a brand new approach whereby it is not just a radio show, but a radio show with LIVE on-ground performances held in Quill City Mall every month. 

The Pop-Up Stage aims to shine a light and promote current as well as up and coming bands and their music, while bringing together Malaysians from all walks of life to get to know these bands. 

The Pop-Up Stage will also be the perfect choice for those looking for an evening out to chill with family and friends in a place that provides good music & entertainment. 

Hosted by MAG and An Honest Mistake's frontman, Darren Teh, the Pop-Up Stage will go on LIVE on radio every Friday at 12noon and the LIVE performance from Quill City Mall will also be broadcasted on Social Media once every month. 

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